Welcome to Makarios Ministries. This is an Evangelistic ministry dedicated to bringing the lost to a salvation knowledge of Jesus Christ, to healing the hurts in the Body of Christ and to see the Body develop Spiritual Maturity.

I believe the Body of Christ is at an important crossroads. It is time for the barriers to come down. We are living in the last days and there is not enough time for bickering in the Body on minor points of doctrine. It is time for unity. As we begin to let the barriers of prejudice (the gender barriers, the racial barriers and the denominational barriers) fall we will grow in faith and maturity. Then and only then will we begin to see a revival such as the world has never known. My prayer and purpose for this ministry is to help you grow in that faith and knowledge of the Word of the Living God.

Please take your time as you read and study with us and please come back often as we will be adding more studies and links as time goes on.

May God Bless you abundantly.

Rev. Brenda J. Smith